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Dwelling in Creative Economy

Thanks to the rise of creative entrepreneurship, more people are turning hobbies into vocations from their homes and hearths.

In recent times, urban dwellers have discovered that there’s an increasingly accessible way to bring home the bacon – one that does not require you to leave your abode. Personal pursuits of passion have grown into sustainable and personally fulfilling businesses, and with the help of social media, all of it can be based in and run from the comforts of home.

These home-based businesses below are amongst those who have turned their hobbies into various forms of creative capitalism.

Image from @bespokebreadsg

Bespoke Bread
Some artisans hone their craft in workshops and studios, others find their calling at home. Karen Ng is an example of the latter. Bespoke Bread is a home-based micro-bakery. Holding the fort of this one-person enterprise, Karen was a freelance video editor who took the opportunity to indulge in her talent for bread making with the rising interest in naturally leavened bread such as sourdough.

The Botanist & Her Thieves
Sometimes, passions grow too large to be contained in just one home. The Botanist & Her Thieves is a home business run by #plantparents Cheryl Lee and her three friends. In Cheryl’s home alone, there are more than a hundred plants to be found. The four found a shared passion for plants and curating thoughtfully designed houseplant accessories. From there, it grew into a full-on mission to solve gardening problems and help other plant parents.

Image from @omelettrees.studio

Omelet Trees Studio
In a fast-paced urban jungle, pockets of calm are treasured spaces. Omelet Trees Studio – the creation of the husband and wife duo Nigel and Sarah Sing – is one such haven of serenity and inspiration. Using one of their spare bedrooms as their pottery studio, the ceramic artist duo quietly pursue one of the world’s oldest crafts. Each ceramic piece is slowly and lovingly handmade, with its own set of imperfections and unique form.

Image from @gentleglowco

Gentle Glow
What happens when you run out of something you love and it’s difficult to find more? When this happened to Priya Raja, she decided that perhaps she should learn to make scented candles. Priya Raja perfected her homemade scented candles by doing all her research online. She now runs her web store from home with her partner and offers a variety of signature blended scents.

Sunny’s Kitchen
Singapore-based Korean food stylist and creative director Sunny Han loves to travel, and that wanderlust has found its way to her kitchen at home. The self-described ‘home cook’ draws from her travels to tell stories in Sunny’s Kitchen through lovingly prepared dishes and table settings, creating special dining experiences for friends and family.

Teresa Lim, more popularly known as Teeteeheehee, found herself wanting to photograph a sunset in Perth. With her phone dead, she reached for her embroidery tools instead to capture the scene using thread. Gaining fame for her #SewWanderlust creations, she set up an embroidery workroom in her home and went on to do commissioned work for personal portraits and companies such as Netflix and Gucci.


Homes have now become hybrid spaces where interests and careers can be pursued, while also providing an intimate escape from the stresses of everyday life. The space where we reside is a multifaceted domain valued for its flexibility and promise of an eclectic life.

In this new milieu of modern living, two residential projects in Guoco Midtown – Midtown Bay and Midtown Modern – are both thoughtfully conceptualised around the flexibility of living, working and personal leisure, with adaptable living spaces designed to meet changing lifestyle needs. Midtown Bay, in particular, features an exclusive collection of Premium Business Homes with units tailored around the home office concept.

Furthermore, residents will benefit from a larger network of amenities, an office tower and a business/leisure hub, all located within the Guoco Midtown development. Visit the virtual sales galleries to find out what the luxury city lifestyle of the future looks like.


Exploring the changing nature of luxury living through two modern residences by ip:li Architects.

The car-lite city of the future makes space for human needs and experiences that will improve our urban lives.

Opportunities for organic encounters and infrastructure for a thriving community — mixed-use developments will define the way we live, work and interact with one another in the city.

Samuel Isaac Chua is the Photo Editor at The Edge/Edgeprop. In this interview, he shares how he represents space through the medium of photography and how good design evokes emotions.


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