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The veteran designer who created several of GuocoLand’s show flat units shares his personal philosophies that shape his design process.

Five unbuilt architectural proposals that show us new narratives for our world in the future.

The home technology of the future will shape our living spaces quietly behind the scenes.

Flexibility, balance and tactility are the focus of Peter Tay’s design approach for Midtown Bay’s show flat interiors.

Cities are expanding and a new generation of mega mixed-use developments could help shape sustainable growth.

The Swiss-made brand V-Zug believes that the modern home kitchen should be an inspiring place for both work and creativity.

Exploring the changing nature of luxury living through two modern residences by ip:li Architects.

The car-lite city of the future makes space for human needs and experiences that will improve our urban lives.

Thanks to the rise of creative entrepreneurship, more people are turning hobbies into vocations from their homes and hearths.

Opportunities for organic encounters and infrastructure for a thriving community — mixed-use developments will define the way we live, work and interact with one another in the city.

Samuel Isaac Chua is the Photo Editor at The Edge/Edgeprop. In this interview, he shares how he represents space through the medium of photography and how good design evokes emotions.

Khoo Guo Jie is a self-taught architectural photographer who creates cinematic images of buildings, interiors and places. In this interview, he shares how the world looks to him from behind the lens.

With 3D printing, any shape can be manufactured by a single machine. Here’s how the technology is changing furniture making.


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